Where it all began

I wanted to tell you a bit about me and how I came to owning a small beauty business - SB Beauty.

My journey into beauty was by no means straight forward and although I’d always had a passion for beauty I was somehow convinced otherwise! So, I landed in Event Management after completing a Sport and Exercise science degree, working first for Marriott Hotels Group and secondly for Breast Cancer Care as a Fundraising Manager which is where my passion for increasing women’s confidence whilst being a keen listener began.

Inspired by the strength of women

I was hugely inspired by women who had been through a diagnosis of breast cancer. Having been stripped of their femininity going through chemo, hair loss, mastectomies etc. Their strength was incredible! I organised fashion shows around the country with all the models whom had been through a diagnosis of breast cancer or were living with breast cancer at the time. These women shared their stories and their bravery. It was incredible to see, despite all they had been through or were going through, the difference some beauty treatments in prep for the catwalk shows could make to their confidence.

Acting as a listening ear allowing a safe place for women to share their stories
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Customer Testimonial

"I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. You should be paid counselling fees too! Really appreciate you listening."

Why I started SB Beauty

The ladies I met were true fighters and beautiful with it. They left me feeling inspired to retrain in beauty, not only to boost women’s confidence by providing treatments, but also to act as a listening ear and confidant allowing a safe place for women to share their stories, fears and life struggles with me on a daily basis.

Everyone has the right to feel happy and beautiful.

I take strength from other people’s strength and having been through some of my own challenges surrounding mental health, I wanted to be able to give something back, enter SB Beauty! The more people I can ensure leave here happy and confident, the more I love what I do! Everyone has the right to feel happy and beautiful.

My home based beauty salon

I started offering beauty services from my bedroom alongside my main job, and I've gradually transitioned to where I am today, now offering my services in a purpose built salon. My home-based beauty salon was purposefully built to offer a clean, professional and friendly place for my customers to visit when receiving their beauty treatments. I’ve created the salon from the ground up, and I’ve made sure to include all of the comforts that I know my customers love when they visit, and it has allowed me to offer a personalised space for all of my services.