April 23, 2019

Different Eyelash Extensions Explained

New to the world of eyelashes? Easy to think they’re all the same, right?! Not always; when it comes to the likes of mink, silk and faux lashes, which are the most common variety of lash extensions, there are actually some substantial differences to understand. Knowing what these are will help you to make the right decision when choosing the best lash extensions for you.

So what is the difference between lash extensions?

The main differences between lash extensions are their material, the process manufacturers use to colour and shape the lashes, how they taper and the firmness of the lashes themselves. Here are the different eyelash extensions explained:

Mink Lash Extensions

A lot of salons advertise that they offer mink lash extensions, but most likely they are advertising faux mink. Real mink lash extensions are made from the tail hair of a Siberian or Chinese variety of mink. Therefore, they’re not appropriate for people who prefer to stay away from animal-based products. They have been fairly popular and are the longest standing on the market since the beginning of lash extensions. This is due to them being very soft and incredibly natural looking/

Although they have proven to be popular, this tends to only benefit a niche market as they come with a price tag! They are also not naturally curly, so have to be permed before being applied. Due to their natural characteristics, they vary slightly in length, so creating a wispier, more natural finish.

Faux Mink Lashes

Faux mink lashes are made from a synthetic material called Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) which is a polyester-based material. All faux mink lashes are made using this material, so why the differing names? It’s the weight, shape, colour and general finish which determines their name.

Faux mink tend to be a lot thinner than most eyelashes and are generally used in volume sets as they are much lighter in weight due to their tapered design.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk eyelash extensions are generally  thicker and firmer to the touch with a shorter taper than faux mink, thus giving them a thicker and more glamorous feel. Often these come with varying finishes, high gloss, blacker than black etc.


Cashmere Eyelashes

Flat base cashmere eyelashes have a concave contour which allows the base of the lash to ‘hug’ a natural lash from side to side. This creates a larger contact area between natural lashes and an extension, providing a stronger, longer lasting bond.

Cashmere lashes are also thinner from top to bottom, making them more flexible and very soft to touch.


Choosing the best eyelash extensions for you

Much like clothing sizes, each style of eyelash can vary considerably across different brands. So, why the different names? Because of the competition between lash brands, names are used to aid marketing and distinguish one  product from another

Don’t be afraid to ask your lash technician which varieties they offer, and we recommend that you have a look and feel of each before agreeing to a style or look. SB Beauty provide eyelash extension services for all of the above variants and would be happy to offer any advice if you have more questions.

Check out the eyelash extension services we offer.

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